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Hello, my name is FanJun Kong and live in Beijing China. I work for SUSE on about the GNOME Desktop Environment.

I have a happy family life, and a variety of hobbies, such as gaming and programming :) I love free software projects.

My personal BLOG. Most of that is written by Chinese.

You can, of course, contact me by e-mail. Simply write to kroodywar3[AT]gmail.com. I use to read my e-mail everyday, but it could take me more time to answer if I am busy or away.

You can ping me by Weibo , or Twitter or Facebook

More about me...

Emacs My emacs

emscs: Not only a text editor

Linux Tools

Mutt: A small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems.



trans.py: A small tool for look up words from dict.cn


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