Some Emacs tips

C-fright one characterM-x forward-char
C-bleft one character
C-abeginning of line
C-eend of line
M-fright one wordM-x forward-word
M-bleft one word
C-M-fforward one s-expressionM-x forward-sexp
C-M-bbackward one s-expression
C-pup one line
C-ndown one line
M-gjump to line
Open,Save & Quit
C-x C-ffind and open file
C-x C-ssave current buffer
C-x C-wsave as another file
C-xsave all buffers
C-x C-cclose Emacs
Basic Editing
M-^join two lines
M-nrun next commands for n times
C-kkill line
C-gquit current command
C-M-\run the TAB"on all lines in the regionM-x indent-region
Cut & Paste
C-@set mark
C-wcut selected region
M-wcopy selected region
Search & Replace
C-s/C-rforward/backward search
C-s C-wforward search word under cursor
C-s C-rbackward search word under cursor
M-cturn on/off case sensitivity
C-M-sforward search regex
C-M-rbackward search regex
replace stringM-x replace-string
M-%query replace stringM-x query-replace
C-x 1delete other buffers
C-x 2split cur buffer horizontally
C-x 3split cur buffer vertically
C-x ogo to next buffer
C-x banother buffer/new buffer
C-x C-bshow all buffer
C-x kclose current buffer

Date: 2011-08-05 18:11:55 CST

Author: FJ Kong

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